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Ostinato by Laurent Dury @ Synchron Stage Vienna

Repetitive patterns let the tension rise to the pain threshold. Playful melodies accompany the listeners through lively soundscapes. Laurent Dury’s compositions were brought to life in the studios of @ Synchron Stage Vienna. Under the direction of conductor Gregor F. Narholz, a multi-layered mixture of traditional and modern classical music was created, which manifested itself in a total of 18 songs on Dury’s latest work “Ostinato”. The Synchron Stage Orchestra, along with Narholz and Dury, has recorded versatile, minimalist pieces that can both create friction and provide relief. “Ostinato” is accordingly packed with inspiring, delicate and playful tracks that depict drama and modern progress in art, culture and architecture. Album: Ostinato Artists: Laurent Dury, The Synchron Stage Orchestra, Gregor F. Narholz (conductor) Listen and license! 🙂

Making of FUNKY VOCAL POP – funky, groovy and fun production music

Making of the album “Funky Vocal Pop” in Manila, Philippines – great fun and great album! | by Sonoton Music


Laurent Dury’s recorded album at Abbey Road Studios for Sonoton Music

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